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Awards / Bursaries / Scholarships


Awards, bursaries and scholarships are available to students attending post-secondary programs throughout Ontario.


An award is a gift which can be a sum of money or citation which is given to a student to recognize achievement in some capacity as established by the donor. 


A bursary is a monetary or equivalent award granted to a student or potential student to enable that person to continue studies.  It is based primarily on financial need, but achievement is also considered.


A scholarship is an award of money or equivalent granted to a student toward the expense of further study.  It is based on academic achievement, but need may also be considered.  Scholarship recipients are generally selected based on donor established criteria.

[Awards, Bursaries, and Scholarship Booklet]



  • CFUW Trust Award A - 2021
    The Canadian Federation of University Women Brantford offers a couple of awards in the school year.  The Trust Award A is a minimum of $1,000 that can be awarded to a female student:

    - graduating from a Brantford/Brant County Secondary School (although the application does not state this, the student must also reside in Brantford/Brant)
    - who has achieved at least 83% in six 4U/4M level credits
    - who has applied to any accredited post-secondary program in Canada
    - has demonstrated involvement in and commitment to extracurricular activities, and/or community volunteering and/or employment

    Applications are to be sent by the students directly to CFUW as set out on the attached document.  I will send transcripts as requested by CFUW as they receive applications.
    These applications are not due to CFUW until April 30, 2021.
  • Schulich Leader Scholarships 2020-2021 - St. John's College Nomination Application - Typed nomination applications due to St. John's College Student Services by Friday, January 18, 2021.  Applications can be brought to the Student Services office or e-mailed to Mrs. Spiers at



The following awards, and bursaries are determined at the school level from applications received by February 28, 2020.

There are six possible applications for Bursaries/Scholarships as well as the Smitiuch Injury Law Scholarship and the Mabel and Gorden McMillen Foundation Scholarship.  Select the appropriate Application #, choose Open, then View, then Edit Document.  Complete Applications on the computer, make sure to indicate with [x] which bursary/scholarship you are applying for, then save, print and submit to Student Services by the last school day in February. 

Handwritten applications will not be accepted. 

The St. John's College School Council Bursary

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association Bursary

The Knights of Columbus Bursary

McCarthy Uniforms Inc. Bursary

Sisters of Providence Bursary (Female Student)

The J.W. Burke Bursary for Laurier-Brant

The Retired Teachers of Ontario Bursary

The Lisa Dawdy Memorial Bursary

The J. Frank Quinlan Memorial Award

The Edmund Turlej Memorial Bursary

The Brant County Federation of Agriculture Award

The Jeffrey Kings Memorial Bursary

The Rebecca Wolstenholme Memorial Award

The Spirit of Optimism Award

The Lieutenant Governor's Community Volunteer Award

The St. John's College Leadership Award

The Catholic Christian Service Award

The Reginald F. Kempa Christian Living Award

The St. John's College Merit Award

The St. Pius X Catholic Women's League Bursaries

The St. Pius X C.W.L. Christian Leadership Award Dedicated to the Memory of Deceased Past Presidents

The St. Basil's Catholic Women's League Bursary [Please complete this additional St. Basil’s Catholic Women’s League Award form]

The St. Joseph's Catholic Women's League Bursary

The Edward J. Gira Memorial Award

The CWL Sacred Heart Council Religion in Life Award