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BYOD means Bring Your Own Device to school. BYOD has been developed to enhance student learning and teachers have been trained to incorporate innovative experiences using technology in the classroom. Our students are already leaders in the use of technology, now we want to help them optimize their learning in a way that sets them up for success in the 21st Century Classroom.
The use of technology empowers students to take more control of their learning. It exposes them to different perspectives and opens a window to the world. Here are some of the ways students may use devices:

• Access online calendars, planners and maps
• Classroom and homework websites
• Researching and planning
• Photography and video creation
• Wikis, blogs, podcasts and video conferencing
• Office productivity, word processing and spreadsheets
• Presentations and collaborative work

Access for All

We understand that not all parents can or want to send a personal device to school. The choice is yours. The board has invested in technology to ensure that every student has access to a device.

Digital Citizenship

We are preparing our students for a rapidly changing world where the use of technology is normal and expected. Through BYOD our teachers support students in learning to use
devices safely, effectively, ethically and respectfully. Our Electronic Communications and Social Media Use and
Information and Communications Technology Use policies guide best practices and outline expectations. Visit the board’s
website to view the complete policies.

Securing Devices

If you are comfortable sending a personal device with your child to school, please be aware that responsible use and securing the device is the responsibility of your child. If you feel the personal device is not safe at school, then it should remain at home. Teachers have a plan to assist in keeping personal devices secure; however, ultimately students are
responsible for lost, stolen and/or damaged personal devices

Types of Devices

Devices that you may choose to send to school, or that our students will have access to in the classroom can include:
• Netbooks • Laptops
• Tablets • Smartphones
• iPads, iPods, iPhones

Our Wireless Networks

Students will use devices to access the internet via the BHNCDSB network. Our network has been optimized to provide excellent connectivity and uses a complex filter that protects our students against exposure to inappropriate content. Keeping our students safe is always a priority and our BYOD initiative has been well-researched and based on best practices of school boards from across the province.

Learn More about BHNCDSB BYOD

The Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board provides faith formation and academic excellence, which
enable our graduates to live a life of love and service in Christ.
For more information about the BHNCDSB BYOD initiative see our information video. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your classroom teacher or school principal.