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Special Education

Job Skills Program                       

This class is designed to serve students in a program which provides courses (credit & non-credit bearing) combined with on-the-job training, geared toward an ultimate post-secondary goal of independent community living and realistic employment. 

The Learning Centre

This ‘drop-in’ program provides individual help to edit assignments, opportunities for students to complete work missed because of extended absence and/or to provide a quiet work environment with academic support. Students who are struggling with course content may request to come to the ‘TLC’ room for individual academic help.  If students need accommodations during tests or exams, they may write them in this room.

The Homework Club

runs Monday - Friday from 3:00 – 3:45pm in Room 148.

Students who require additional support with homework assignments, test preparation, study skills or organizational skills may attend the Homework Club.  Students will receive small group or 1:1 support from the Special Education team.