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Special Education


The development of each student’s abilities and potential is a shared responsibility.  It is the role of the Special Education Department staff to work with teachers, students, school personnel, parents and community agencies to provide options for school and life success for all students.  Program expectations are flexible and based upon an individual’s abilities and needs.  This collaborative model provides services which are delivered primarily within the regular classroom through the classroom teachers and supported by the Special Education Resource staff.  Appropriate intervention, time on task and feedback are key.  However, the student becomes responsible for working with specific classroom teachers for precise accommodations and responsibilities in each class.  This self-advocacy program assists thee student in developing an understanding of their exceptionality and stresses that they are the key component in any plan of action.  This also empowers the student to seek assistance and strategies necessary for them to be successful.  The Special Education Department offers a variety of services to assist students in getting the maximum benefit from their secondary school experience and making the transition to post-secondary life.