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Exam Schedule

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Final Examinations

Student Expectations During Examinations:

  • Student must know the date, time and place of their examinations. Students are encouraged to write the information in their agendas or notebook.

  • Students are to be in full uniform or they will not be permitted to write the exam in class.

  • Students must return their textbooks before the start of the examination or at the conclusion of the examination as per their classroom teacher’s instructions.

  • Students who arrive late for an examination will not be given additional time.They are to proceed directly to the examination room.

  • Students who miss an examination will receive a mark of “0" unless they present a valid medical certificate.

  • Students should be encouraged to study well in advance. Also they are to clear up any missed assignments or tests.Students should make every attempt to see the teacher for any assistance.

  • In the event of inclement weather, examinations will be pushed back one day.