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The 2018-19 school year marks the first of our 3-year spiritual theme rooted in the Road to Emmaus story from the Gospel of Luke. This year emphasizes aspects of our faith journey to serve God and one another alit with the fire of the Holy Spirit. As members of this Catholic community we are on a shared journey consumed by a spirit of accompaniment; each of us on our own path, and yet, a part of each other’s path – always with God who reveals himself in people, places and things. This is what Pope Francis means when he speaks about the art of accompaniment. It is about taking the time to walk alongside one another [JOURNEY], to listen and to teach [Encounter], and in doing so, make a change in the world [Transform]. (Renewing the Promise)

We intend to be conscious of our missionary spirit – sent into the world to evangelize and commit to the common good. We will continue to build upon the good work started in our district, attending to our interior life of prayer, providing a preferential option for the poor and supporting the formation of leaders (students and staff) as instruments of peace and justice. You will see resources and training devoted to improving our ability to be strong Catechists and effective contributors to the partnership of home, school and parish in the development of the faith life of our students. 

Beginning with public consultation feedback (EveryVoiceCounts 2018) and student achievement data analysis, we have embarked on renewing the multi-year strategic plan of the Board. Our Catholic learning community can expect a continued focus on our core enterprise - helping all students reach high levels of student achievement (especially in mathematics and literacy). By emphasizing high levels of student achievement and academic excellence – we ensure that our graduates have the best possible chance to succeed in life and thus contribute to the common good in order to transform the world in His name.

This year we will have fully implemented one of the most robust Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) initiatives in the province of Ontario. Every elementary student (JK – 8) in our district will receive 1500 minutes per year of dedicated math and science instruction that will include work in coding and robotics. We will emphasize the design process and the practical integration of math, science and communication skills to unearth learning that demonstrates innovation and creativity.

In closing, I wish to convey my gratitude to all students and parents who have chosen our district and Catholic education. We hope to continue to work together – sharing our journey in the spirit of accompaniment working to transform the world in God’s name.

“Our Catholic schools help to form joyful disciples as hearts and minds are opened to the transforming love of God and to the flame of faith in action.” (Renewing the Promise)

Chris N. Roehrig          



Thank you for entrusting the education of your child to St John's College.

We are a Catholic Educational community offering a very high standard of education based on Catholic values. Our curriculum reflects Catholic beliefs and we celebrate the Word of the Lord on a daily basis. Your decision to choose a Catholic education for your child should be made knowing who we are, what we are about and that we expect full participation in our program.

We take great pride in the fact that we are able to bring a spiritual dimension to our highly successful academic program. We welcome all future students and we expect them to fully participate in all aspects of our Catholic curriculum. 

We hope to have the opportunity to educate and inform your family in our Catholic learning environment.
Yours truly,

Greg Picone