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About St. John's College




St. John’s College began most humbly in 1941 as Brantford Catholic High School in the basement of St. Ann’s elementary school.  It was co-educational and consisted of but one class of Grade 9 students.

An additional grade level was added annually until 1951 when the school was moved to the former residence of renowned businessman Colonel Cockshutt, on Dufferin Avenue.  The mansion had previously been used by the Sister of St. Joseph for some instruction in music.  From 1951 to 1978 priests of the Congregation of the Resurrection served as Principals.

The school continued to grow and in 1955 a new addition included four classrooms, a gymnasium and a modern front entrance.  This was further augmented in 1955 when four new classes were constructed above the existing wing.

Throughout these years the school was operated by the Brant County Roman Catholic Separate School Board in grades 9 & 10, and by a group of dedicated Catholic parents and supports in grades 11, 12, and 13.  In 1957, this latter entity became known officially as the Board of Governors on Brantford Catholic High School and in March of 1959 both the name of the school and the name of Board of Governors were changed to St. John’s College.

It was in 1961 that Providence College came into existence with the arrival of the Sisters of Providence who began Grade 9 at St. Bernard’s School.  Grade 10 was added in 1962.  In 1963, the school officially opened its new building on the present Paris Road site.  Providence College educated young ladies from grades 9 through 12 during the ensuing years.  Students who wished to pursue grade 13 attended St. John’s College on the Dufferin campus.

The financial, pedagogical and social reasons it was decided to return to co-education in 1970.  An addition was added above the portion of the building frontage on Paris Road and during the school year 1970-71, Providence and St. John’s College became one under the name of St. John’s College at 80 Paris Road.

Subsequent growth in the size of the student body soon necessitated the re-opening of the Dufferin Campus and a shuttle system prevailed between the two sites until in 1981, as a result of a tremendous community fund-raising effort, the Paris Road campus was further expanded.  A new cafeteria and library, a triple gymnasium, 13 new classrooms and a faculty work and lounge area were added.  In 1989 another addition was added where a new main entrance was created on the northwest side of the building.  Within the new wing, besides a new library/resource center is housed a cafetorium, guidance center, health center, nine new classrooms and administration offices.

St. John’s College grew from approximately 20 students at St. Ann’s in 1941 to an enrolment of 1700 (approx.) in September, 1991 with an additional 20 portable classrooms on the site.  In 1992, the fiftieth anniversary of Catholic education in Brant County, a new era began.  In September, Assumption College School opened on Shellard Lane to continue with St. John’s College to serve the growing number of students seeking a Catholic high school education in this community.  In September 2001, Holy Trinity Catholic Secondary School opened in Simcoe providing the choice of Catholic Education to the families of the Haldimand-Norfolk region.  At St. John’s College, the tradition continues with about 1100 students.

Any history of St. John’s College would be remiss in failing to acknowledge the tremendous individual and community support which has enabled the school to survive and thrive to this point.

  • To Mr. J.O. Trepanier whose drive, influence and financial support were so crucial in 1941, and in subsequent occurrences.

  • To the Bishops of the Diocese of Hamilton for their leadership and support.

  • To the many members of the Board of Governors who have served since that time.

  • To the elected trustees of the Brant County Roman Catholic Separate School Board, who since 1971 have sat as members of the Board of Governors of St. John’s College.

  • To the principals and teachers of the Sisters of Providence, Sisters of St. Joseph, and the Congregation of the Resurrection who have served as educators and spiritual leaders.

  • To the Religious Orders, pastors and parishioners who have given unselfish financial support.

  • To the parents, past and present, who have entrusted St. John’s College with their children.

  • To all of these, St. John’s College says,




The administration in collaboration with campus ministry, our faculty, the staff, parents, and parishes, serve the mission of Catholic education in Ontario by making the values of the Gospels visible within our work by supporting the development of our community members.  Our goal is to develop the potential of Christian leadership qualities in our students by nurturing, accepting, and challenging the whole person in the spirit of Christ.  We challenge ourselves to accomplish this by providing a learning environment which fosters spiritual growth and strong academic programs.  As members of a learning community, founded in the values of the Catholic faith, St. John’s College asks everyone to rise to their fullest potential by discovering their gifts and talents and sharing these with others.  A key element of our spiritual journey is to learn how to accept ourselves and others as unique and valued individuals.


We believe that families play an integral role as the primary educators in the life of a child.  The Catholic Church recognizes parents as the primary educators of their children.  The school and the Church wish to assist families in the Christian formation of their children.

We ask the support and co-operation of our SJC families by:

  • supporting the school’s Mission and Vision Statements, and the principles and values of our Catholic faith
  • supporting school policies as outlined in our Code of Conduct

  • supporting school uniform policies

  • remaining informed about school procedures and policies

  • supporting the full participation of your child(ren) n the religious education courses and charitable works program at our school

  • communicating information regarding attendance, health, and/or other important issues to the appropriate staff or faculty attending parent-teacher conferences


As a Catholic school community we respect the key role of our Churches, and Parishes in the formation and substances of the faithlives of our families.  We strongly encourage regular family attendance at the Sunday Liturgies in the local parishes.


Our Faculty offers our students a wide array of opportunities in the area of extra-curricular programs.  We offer a vibrant performing arts and music programs.  We are highly competitive in a variety of athletic programs:   basketball, cross country running, football, golf,  tennis, volleyball, curling, swimming,  wrestling, badminton, baseball, soccer, rugby, and track and field.  In addition we have a variety of clubs:  book club, science, debate, school reach, band, drama, OSAID, student council, and campus ministry.

Our dedicated faculty unites with enthusiastic and talented students, and supportive parents to fulfil dreams, build strong minds, spirits, and bodies with the hope of preparing out students to enter the adult world with an awareness of their ability to do good.  We challenge ourselves to make a difference in the world by following the loving, passionate, and compassionate examples of Christ.