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This course is designed for the students who want an in-depth experience in photojournalism and the production of a yearbook.  Yearbook is a challenging course in which students have the unique opportunity to write a book, prepare a publication for printing, run a business, and record history.  This course is designed to provide students the opportunity to work with advanced technology, strengthen their analytical and problem-solving skills, improve their communication skills, and manage tremendous responsibility.

Student will use PC computers, PageMaker 7.0/6.5, and Photoshop software for designing and producing the yearbook.  Yearbook students practice the fundamentals of journalistic writing, photojournalism, graphic design and budget management.  Students will also derive an incredible sense of accomplishment and develop their abilities in working together as a team as they work together to produce the book.

Although this course is a production course and more relaxed in setting, the amount and intensity of the work required for this class is not less if not more than the work for one of your core academic subjects.  Come to this class prepared to have fun, but be prepared to work hard as well!  The amount of effort you put into this class will determine what you get our of this class.  I  hope that this course will be one of the highlights of your highschool career.