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Extra-Curricular Activities Fee Structure

We, at St. John's College take pride in offering our students a wide range and variety of extra-curricular activities.  These programs require time, energy and commitment of many teachers to run these extra-curricular programs.  As well, it take funds to keep the programs going.  Last year we spent well over $50,000 on extra-curricular programs here at St. John's College.  All of this money must be raised by the school since the Ministry of Education does not contribute any money to extra-curriulcar programs. 

Student extra-curricular fees at St. John's College cover a small part of the costs associated with extra-curricular activities.  All students who choose to participate in extra-curricular activities are expected to pay a participation fee in each team/club.  The fee is dependent upon the activity in which the student participates, and will be paid on "SchoolCash Online" -  Please note additional associated costs may apply for some activities.

These fees will be collected at the beginning of the three sports seasons [fall, winter and spring].  Those involved in music, drama, and clubs will be required to pay in September since their activities run all year long.  These fees will offset extra-curricular expenses such as transportation, tournament fees, referee fees, BCSSAA membership fee, etc.

We hope that this not only meets the needs of our school community, but also facilitates your child's participation in our many extra-curricular events.






Sports / Clubs

Staff Advisor




Basketball - Girls Junior Mrs. Ronson

$50 Basketball - Girls Senior

Mr. Lynch

Mr. Ronson


Cross Country - Girls Midget

Cross Country - Girls Junior

Cross Country - Girls Senior

Cross Country - Boys Midget

Cross Country - Boys Junior

Cross Country - Boys Senior

Mrs. Elliott

Mr. M. Petrella

$60+ Football - Boys Senior Mr. O'Sullivan S1
$60+ Football - Boys Junior Mr. Pomponio S1

Golf - Boys

Golf - Girls

Mr. Weszner S1

Tennis - Boys

Tennis - Girls

Ms. Cupoli S1

Volleyball - Boys Junior

Volleyball - Boys Senior

Mr. Wilkes

Ms. McDade

$50 Basketball - Boys Junior Mr. M. Petrella S2
$50 Basketball - Boys Senior Mrs. Ronson S2

Curling - Boys

Curling - Girls

Mr. Szeman S2
$35 Hockey - Boys

Mr. McEachen

Mr. MacKinlay

$35 Hockey - Girls Mrs. Elliott S2

Swim - Boys

Swim - Girls

Mrs. I. DaSilva S2
$35 Volleyball - Girls Midget Mr. Pomponio S2
$35 Volleyball - Girls Junior Mr. Quinlan S2
$35 Volleyball - Girls Senior Mr. DeProsperis S2

Wrestling - Boys

Wrestling - Girls

Mr. Adams

Mr. Agnolin


Badminton - Juniors

Badminton - Seniors

Mr. Weszner

Ms. Carrieri

$30 Baseball - Boys Mr. Penner


$25 Fastpitch - Girls Mrs. Malecki S3

Rugby - Boys Midget

Rugby - Boys Junior

Rugby - Boys Senior

Mr. Chisholm S3

Rugby - Girls Junior

Rugby - Girls Senior

Mrs. Hutchison S3
$40 Soccer - Boys Mr. Pomponio S3
$40 Soccer / Varsity Girls Mr. DeProsperis S3

Track & Field - Boys

Track & Field - Girls

Mr. Heida

Mrs. Boyd


Band - Concert

Band - Intermediate

Mrs. Marriott ~
$20 Debate

Mrs. Bruder

Mrs. LeMaitre

$60 Drama Productions Mr. Locey ~
$60 Drama - Sears Festival Mr. Locey ~
$20 Mock Trial

Mrs. Bruder

Mrs. LeMaitre

$20 SchoolReach

Mrs. Bruder

Mr. Aquin