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Friday, November 29, 2019

If you are the recipient of an academic award but were unable to attend the ceremony, please come to the Principals Office today to pick up your award.

Attention potential grad, the deadline to pay your grad fee of $80.00 is fast approaching.  The grad fee must be paid before December 6th, 2019.  Payment is made through School Cash Online.  If you have any questions or concerns, please see Mrs. Ronson in Student Services before December 6th.  Remember, you will not get a grad photo date and time until this fee is paid.

Attention potential grads, if you are interested in putting your name forth to be considered for Valedictorian at this year’s graduation ceremony in June 2020, then please complete the Valedictorian Application form and submit it to Mrs. Ronson in Student Services by 3pm on Monday, December 2nd.  Valedictorian application forms can be found in the package you received at the Leaving the Nest assembly or online at under Student Services and then 2020 Graduation Application Package.  All applications are due by 3:00 pm on Monday, December 2nd.

Attention all of you who went to Semi.  Your photos look awesome.  They will be available for viewing and sale outside the Caf today during both lunches.  You can find the number of your photo today on the wall outside the Caf.  We can show them to you on a laptop today.  Prices are listed on the wall beside the photos.

Do you hate paying a lot of money for a Christmas card?  Would you like a unique and handmade card to accompany your Christmas gifts this holiday season?  If you answered yes, then the Job Skills Class can help.  The students in the Job Skills class have created a variety of Christmas cards that you can purchase during school hours in Room 141.  Cards are sold for $2.00 a piece or 3 for $5.00.  Let us help with your holiday season shopping.