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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Attention Queen’s University Bound Students.  There are many Major Admission Award scholarships for Queen’s.  Students who demonstrate superior academic ability, creative and original thinking, involvement in school or community activities, and proven leadership can apply for a Queen’s major admission award.  Financial need is also a consideration for some of the major admission awards.  You must apply to the Ontario University Application Centre by November 20th to be considered for these awards.  For more information, please visit

Are your sentences running on to long?  Commas spliced and diced?  Modifiers dangling and hanging where they don’t belong?  If so, English Help in the Library is for you!  English Help in the library focuses on your writing needs.  Untangle rules around writing conventions.  Create a unified thesis.  Focus your reader’s mind on what you know.  Get advice for organizing essay ideas and selecting the right evidence to prove an argument.  Need proofreading and editing help?  MS Word formatting got you down.  Come to English Help in the Library for that too.  English teachers are standing by.  That’s English Help in the Library.  This Thursday after school from 3 to 4 in – you guessed it – the SJC Library.  First customers qualify for a free semi-colon lesson.  Awesome!  English Help in the Library – see you Thursday.

Attention potential graduates who are serious about attending Queen’s University.  If you have a high school average of 90 plus percent, you are a creative and original thinker and you demonstrate leadership, you are encouraged to pick up a blue Queen’s Chancellor’s Scholarship application in Student Services.

Students interested in math contests this fall should contact Mr. Todd for details.  You can either drop by and see him in room 202 or send him an email.  There are two awesome math contests to look at for the fall term, so check in with Mr. Todd if you want to know more.

Reminder Improv Club will be meeting tomorrow-Thursday from 3:15-4:30 pm in Room 103.  Hope to see you there.

Any students interested in trying out for the boys or girls curling teams should sign up on the door of room 202.  Any questions about curling, feel free to contact Mr. Todd.