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Dual Credits

Dual Credit Programs

Dual credit programs are ministry-approved programs that allow students to gain credit for college and/or apprenticeship courses while still enrolled in high school. Successful students will earn credit toward both the OSSD and college diploma or certificate, or the OSSD and a Level 1 Apprenticeship. Students may earn up to four optional credits through college-delivered courses. Dual credit programs must be approved and overseen by the School/College/Work Initiative SCWI, through the Grand River Region Planning Team.

See the website: for more information.

Students are able to participate in a variety of Dual Credit Programs through Conestoga, Fanshawe and Mohawk Colleges.

The Dual Credit programs available to students include the following:

1. School Within a College (SWAC)

2. Dual Credit Courses

3. SHSM Dual Credit Courses

4. Level 1 Apprenticeship Dual Credit Programs

School Within a College (SWAC)

School within a College is a Dual Credit program that provides senior students the opportunity to try out post-secondary education at a college campus while completing a high school diploma. It is an option for students who are not comfortable in high school environment, or students who want to recover credits in order to graduate with their class, or students who wish to pursue a college pathway. SWAC programs are available to students from both the BHNCDSB and the GEDSB and will allow students to

• Attend a semester at Conestoga College (Brantford), Fanshawe College (Simcoe) or Mohawk College (Ohsweken)

• Complete the required Ontario Secondary School Diploma with the help of a Secondary Dual Credit Teacher

• Take college courses in

- Media, (Photography and Audio) or Fitness and Wellness through Conestoga Brantford Campus

- Health and Wellness or Trades through Fanshawe College in Simcoe

- Intro to Trades through Mohawk College in Oshweken

For further information talk to a guidance counselor at your home school.

Dual Credit Courses

Dual credit courses are available to students who wish to pursue a college pathway and are delivered in a team taught format during the school day in the following program areas:

Assumption College

• Communication Technology

• Construction Technology

• Introduction to Aboriginal Cuisine

• Manufacturing Technology

Holy Trinity Catholic High School

• Hospitality

• Architecture and Design

St. John's College

• Audio and Media Concepts

• Construction Woodworking

• Computer Engineering

See your Guidance counsellor to learn more about these programs.

SHSM Dual Credit Courses:

Students in Specialist High Skills Major programs have the opportunity to take dual credit courses in any of the programs listed above.

Level 1 Apprenticeship Dual Credit programs:

The following Level 1 Apprenticeship programs run after school and are available for students in both the BHNCDSB and the GEDSB:



# Credits

Level 1 Cook

St. John's College Brantford


Level 1 Auto Service Technician

Assumption College Brantford


Level 1 Truck and Coach

Cayuga Secondary School Cayuga


Students must meet the recommended pre-requisites to participate in these OYAP programs. See your guidance counselor/or OYAP coordinator for information about these requirements and registration. For further information on all Dual Credit programs, contact Mary Gallo via email at: or call 519-756-5466.