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New Attendance Reporting and Communication System Begins for Some Schools on Sept 4!

Beginning September 4, 2018 some schools of the Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board will be using our new Attendance Reporting and Communication System. Nine schools (Assumption College School, St. John’s College, Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Christ the King, Jean Vanier, St. Joseph's, St. Basil, Blessed Sacrament, St. Stephen’s) will use the system immediately and, as the first term progresses, the tool will be rolled out to all remaining schools. If your school has identified as a new 'School Messenger School', please remember that you must use the new absence reporting process (call 1-844-445-4381, visit, or use the School Messenger APP) - do not call the school to report an absence.

We are committed to effective, regular and timely communication between the home and school. This communication can include classroom notifications, student attendance calls, or even school emergency situation information. In order to meet the needs of our busy parents and guardians and to ensure that communication and, most importantly, student safety, remains a priority, our school district uses a parent notification service called School Messenger that lets the school/Board communicate easily with you about the things that matter the most.

Many families use email, text messaging, and social media every day. We want to reach you in the way that is most convenient for you. "I’d like the school to email me monthly newsletters, but text message me if there is a school alert or emergency." This is a choice our parents can make through their School Messenger account.

About School Messenger

School Messenger:

1. Is an ATTENDANCE tool that provides parents with an efficient method of reporting their child’s absence. The real benefit of this electronic system is that parents can be notified much more quickly if their child is not at school. This part of School Messenger is called SAFE ARRIVAL.

2. Provides parents with the ability to determine how and when they receive information like monthly newsletters, events (i.e., parent nights), classroom reminders (i.e., assignments) and school alerts or emergencies. This part of School Messenger is called COMMUNICATE.

Both School Messenger – Safe Arrival and School Messenger – Communicate are important tools for parents/guardians and school staff. For more information including School Messenger Account Setup, Safe Arrival and Communicate Factsheets, please see the attached file or visit the the webpages.